Special Event Nov 12--Surviving the Holidays—See Our EVENTS Page!
Special Event Nov 12--Surviving the Holidays—See Our EVENTS Page!

Red’s Supply List

Brown rice – instant & traditional

Dry lentils and split peas



Ground Flax Seed

Chia seeds

Hulled barley

Whole wheat, legume or combo pasta

Oatmeal, old-fashioned and steel cut

Dry whole grain cereals like Cheerios or Wheaties

Tortilla chips, preferably baked

Soft tortillas

Vegetable broth

Canned crushed and diced tomatoes

Store bought tomato sauce

Kroger Spicy Beans


Canned and frozen corn

Canned Margaret Holmes tomatoes, okra and corn

Canned beans: black, kidney, cannellini, pinto and chick peas

Balsamic Vinegar

Gravy Master

100% whole grain bread

Nutritional yeast

Firm tofu

Smart Balance Olive Oil spread


Häagen-Dazs frozen coconut milk bars

Frozen veggie sausage, “chicken” patties, veggie burgers and crumbles

Hummus and guacamole if budget allows

Fresh sweet peppers and zucchini


Fresh herbs and dried spices

Fresh fruit

Mandarin oranges in light syrup

Potatoes and sweet potatoes

Dried cherries and cranberries

Nuts (unsalted) almonds, pecans, Brazils, walnuts

Bagged lettuce/greens mixes

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