Special Event Nov 12--Surviving the Holidays—See Our EVENTS Page!
Special Event Nov 12--Surviving the Holidays—See Our EVENTS Page!

Growing Plant Based

Support Your Plant Based Lifestyle by Growing Your Food

By Rebecca Barney, Horticulturist, Powered By Plants

One of the best ways to get children to eat their vegetables is for them to experience growing them. The same is true for adults.  There are wonderful benefits to growing the food we eat beyond its culinary and nutritional value. 


Gardening and growing plants provides enjoyable and motivating physical exercise. Plants perform best when they are provided for on a regular basis though watering, weeding, feeding and scouting for pests. This regular activity is something we come to look forward to as we see our plants grow and develop into fresh food and beautiful flowers. 

It’s wise to know exactly what we are eating. We can control what pesticides, chemicals or additives get into our food, or more importantly, DON’T get into our food, when we raise it ourselves. We can pick it and eat it right away when freshness, flavor and nutrients are at their highest. 

Tending plants in the ground or in containers also gives us a mental uplift. Research shows that people report higher levels of mental well being and happiness when they are tending a garden. There is no easier place to practice mindfulness than in a garden. 

Being in my garden helped me to find my purpose in life. While you needn’t look for anything that dramatic, I do hope you will find the joy that growing a garden can bring to your life. So take the first step, you don’t need any special knowledge or a green thumb, just a desire to begin growing.

Rebecca “Red” Barney is a horticulturist and co-founder of Powered By Plants, a volunteer group of like-minded people who want to share whole food, plant based eating ideas, plant based science research and promote healthy eating. Visit poweredbyplants.org

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